A lot of parents especially mothers are into buying fresh fruits and vegetables from their local supermarket or grocers. Eating them while they are still fresh and having a sweet taste is the best way to enjoy this delicious fruit and vegetable meal. But before you get home and prepare them on your table it si common that you would notice some fruit flies in your grocer’s bag. It makes us terrified of not eating it anymore because we are thinking that it might cause disease or it has harmful bacterium or microorganism with these fruit flies. Of course, you can’t use a cleaner to remove those insects for the reason that you may harm the fruits that you are going to eat. Some people would like to seal them from the time that they bought it at the local grocer. So, let’s see what other things can we do to help get rid of those fruit flies in our yummy fruits. 


  1. One simple way to get them away is using the apple cider. Which you can find in your kitchen or but it from your local supermarket. We are not going to cook the fruit nor putting this vinegar to the fruit. We are just going to use this one to diffuse the smell and odor of that apple cider. You can have a lot of ways to use cider to your daily living but for today we are going to use it for removing the fruit flies out of your vegetables and fruits. Put a small amount of it in a glass or even in an open container. Place it then near to your vegetables and fruits. It will help to let them go away because of the strong odor coming from it.  
  2. If you don’t have cider in your kitchen then you don’t need to worry about it. We can use your commercialize vinegar and of your dish liquid soap. Mix them in an open bowl or container and leave it on the table. Don’t cover the container so that the odor of it would easily diffuse to the air.  
  1. Another way that you can use to stop them from landing to your fruits is to mix milk, sugar and a little amount of pepper. Then, heat them on a saucepan over the fire for about 8 to 9 minutes. After that, pour them to a bowl or a wide container. Flies would be very attracted to it and the possibility to get drown in it.  
  1. If you don’t want to smell the odor of the vinegar around your house. You can try to use wine. You can pour to a glass or leave the bottle of the wine open. Fruit flies hate the smell of the wine.  
  1. You can also buy some commercial fruit flies’ agent and solution. They are very effective but of course you need to be careful in using them. Read the label and instructions well before you use them.